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Steps to capture screenshot on Toshiba Laptop

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Do you know you can capture the whole screen of your Toshiba laptop and save it? Don’t know how it works? You are at the right place to know how to take the screenshots in your laptop. It can be done by following multiple methods. With Toshiba Laptop Repair you not only learn to resolve hardware issues but also get the information regarding Toshiba’s function. In this article, the experts have provided easy steps to take a picture of your screen. Carefully follow the steps and capture anything!

Capture screenshot via keyboard combinations

Using the keyboard shortcut combination you can take screenshots of the whole screen. Let’s see how.

  • Go to the screen that you want to capture.
  • Pressing the Windows Logo key and PrtSc at the same time will take a screenshot of your current screen. The taken screenshot will save in your Toshiba laptop automatically.
  1. If the Windows Logo and PrtSc key don’t work for you then use the FN+ Windows Log key+ End/PrtSc on your keyboard and see if it takes a screenshot.
  • Open the C:\ drive and go to username\picture\Screenshots.

Taking a screenshot of an active Window: You can take a screen using two options:

  • Using the Micro Soft Paint:
  • In the search box on your desktop, enter Paint. To open the window click Paint.
  • Open the window need to be captured and press the PrtSc/End key on your keyboard. Doing this will save the image in your clipboard.
  • Now in Paint, click the Paint button or you can also press Ctrl+V to paste the taken screenshot.
  • Select the Resize or Crop button if you want to adjust the size of the image.
  • Once edited, go to File and click Save. Select a location to save the edited screenshot.

Using the Spinning tool:

It is a very easy process and this tool is included in Windows Vista and later.

  • On your desktop, Click Start and in the given search field type Spinning tool.
  • Click the Spinning tool to open this utility.
  • Click New, click again and drag your mouse across the region need to be taken and release the mouse key.
  • Select Save Snip and choose the location to save it.

If you don’t find these solutions better then you can reach the expertise for more. To get in touch with us just reach Toshiba Laptop Repair UK and give us a call +44-2031-295011. Our team will be glad to take your calls and help you. Use our email service to get immediate responses.

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